My Outlook

It isn’t easy to put into words what I would like to do with this blog and website. Having not blogged consistently since 2004 when I was in the mood to write, proselytize and aggressively make my positions known. It has taken a long time for me to regroup and restart writing about things that I believe in. It’s a a new format to me so please forgive any faux pas as I find my new feet, but do please point out any mistakes or errors that you think I might have made. I’m quite happy to change my position if and when the facts change and especially if I’ve made a factual error.

Ideally I’m attempting to codify and share (and hopefully get some feedback) some of my ideas, thoughts and opinions. But most of all I’m looking and hoping to receive some great ideas and suggestion from you the readers (hopefully I might have readers) which may dispel any confirmation bias that I might suffer from. I firmly believe that an open discussion and sharing of ideas can be useful unless such discussion is used to belittle or discriminate against any particular group or people.

My interests are varied from socio-economic issues, matters of state, the economy and the occasional weird science. I’m most optimistic about the future and the power of constant change to improve not just the lives of those that can adapt but also the lives of those that cannot. I believe that as a society we can do more to be better people individually and in doing so become a better community.

For some additional context and background:

  • I was born in mid-80s in Singapore.
  • Was raised and am currently residing in Singapore.
  • I’ve also spent a considerable time in the US and in particular in the great state of Texas where I completed my degree at Texas Christian University majoring in Finance, Accounting and Economics.
  • I’ve also managed to get a second degree while working, a Masters in Economics at Singapore Management University
  • Big fan of online classes and have been taking as many introductory data science classes, some math classes and time management (not that I’ve been able to apply a lot of this).
  • My working career thus far has largely seen me operating in government (industry development, pensions and futures) or government related (healthcare) environments.

I think I should make it very clear that the views and opinions that are expressed here are completely my own and do not reflect the views of any of my employers either current or former.

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6 thoughts on “My Outlook

  1. Really enjoy your writing. Hard to find nuanced writing these days – cognizant of both perspectives of an issue, but I find that you are able to balance the concerns of the average Singaporean with the realities (good and bad) of working in the public service and are able to present a generally fair picture. Please keep up your blog.

    In light of the situation with migrant workers, perhaps you can provide your perspective on the issue? Do you think that this was an unexpected development, or (as some migrant workers groups have mentioned) was it an oversight on our part by neglecting many social/structural issues for too long?

  2. i was trying to find out the top 10% salary of singaporeans (including PRs and foreigners). does dep of stats release such statistics?

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