Singapore General Election 2020

A COVID-19 election. A pandemic election. A rushed election. A fortuitous election. A opportunistic election. And on and on it goes.

Couple of days ago Singapore’s parliament was dissolved and fresh elections were called by the current Government. The call for new elections comes at a unique time in history as the world battles a pandemic and as Singaporeans slowly exit out of circuit breaker lockdowns.

This election I think sees the longest list of political parties.

  1. People’s Action Party (PAP)
  2. Worker’s Party (WP)
  3. Progress Singapore Party (PSP)
  4. Singapore People’s Party (SPP)
  5. National Solidarity Party (NSP)
  6. People’s Power Party (PPP)
  7. Singapore First (SingFirst)
  8. Singapore Democratic Alliance (SDA)
  9. Reform Party (RP)
  10. Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)
  11. People’s Voice (PV)
  12. Red Dot United (RDU)

While the field does look crowded indeed, the main parties I think y’all should be looking out for is the PAP, WP and the PSP, with a dark horse in the SDP. The reason for that, all these chaps have run some serious campaigns in the pass and have already a solid following and for some others a cult following.

On top of that this is a year of transition or birth for a number of parties. The PAP is transitioning to it’s fourth generation of leadership. The PSP is brand new and is coming in hot with old hands and new money (I believe, you can’t organise this fast without it). The Worker’s Party is running it’s first election without Low Thia Kiang in charge. Even the SDP has proverbially dropped Mr Chee and has started placing Prof Paul front and center for the party. There is even a beautiful comeback story of Nicole Seah returning to challenge for seat after going through a hard time the last round.

While elections shouldn’t be about excitement. This is going to be wild ride.

I hope to able to write more in the coming days but in the mean time, read all the manifestos you can read, and don’t get caught up in the mudslinging, word play and sleight of hand that is common place in modern politics. Nomination day is on the 30th of June. So see y’all then.

Some articles to read:


As usual, feel free to hit me up with any interesting or unusual thoughts that you might have on the process.

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